STOVA INDUSTRIES is the manufacturer of  the famous

Our Story
Our vision
Our mission
core values
our Goals


The company was incorporated with Corporate Affairs Commission in year 2012 as a limited liability company RC1081521. It transformed from Stova BV international which was registered in the year 2005.

Historically, Stova Industries is a major player in house hold and Air care products that goes by the brand name SWISS FLOWER PRODUCTS.

Our vision

To be a leader in fast moving consumer products, air care products and house care products in Sub-saharan and the world at large by producing good quality products of international standard.

Our mission

To build long-term relationship with our customers and clients in producing  exceptional quality products and good customer services by pursuing business through innovation and application of advance technology.

Core values

Our watch word is “customer is the king”. We step up growth through creativity, invention, innovation and above all God’s inspiration. We integrate trust, integrity and strong business ethics into all aspect of our company’s operations.


We visualize global expansion by generously investing in human capital for a higher capacity drive that trigger assets increase for optimal performance and developmental support. Above all to network across states, regions, countries and six continents of the world beyond the current seven business profit centres in Nigeria. We plan the market but God gives the increase being the foundation this company is built on.

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